Pure hedonism.


Hammam Inside

Here at Isa Begov Hamam Hotel we offer you 500 years of history and the sweetest experience of turkish bath and massages. Throught the history the main building has seen many changes but the culture stood same. You can enjoy at our hot jacuzzi or sweaten at our saunas. You can take some relaxing and cleansing Turkish Massages by our degreed physiotherapists. You can celebrate your closest relatives marriages and the birth of a new child. We offer various massages but most importantly we offer traditional Turkish Massages. The foam and peeling massage of Turkish tradition is the ultimate cleansing and the relaxation for the body. After all you can sit down and enjoy the hot jacuzzi.


Hamam Working Hours

For the guests of hotel from Monday to Friday 0800-1330 for Man 1400-1900 for woman

For the use of public from Monday to Friday 1000-1330 for Man 1400-1800 for woman

Saturday 0900-1900 for Woman

Sunday 0900-1900 for Man


To gain information on the Hammams entrance prices and massages and also to rent the Hamam personally please contact the Hotel Reception.


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